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2016 Mendota Big Bass Bash

Madison, WI - On June 26th, 2016 Madtown Bass hosted the largest tournament in Lake Mendota history. This tournament format is unlike any other seen in the state. Due to the restrictions on Lake Mendota, anglers are only allowed one fish in the box per person and that fish has to be larger than 18". Over time, these regulations have created a trophy bass factory in the heart of downtown Madison. The tournament format is modeled after the Oakley Big Bass Tour. There are hourly weigh-ins and the largest fish from each hour takes home a hefty check. This format offers excitement and strategy that keeps anglers coming back from previous years and keeps the event growing in future years with new anglers.

Intense downpours and thunderstorms postponed the event for an hour in the morning. Despite the early uncooperative weather, a record-setting 58 boats were staged for takeoff by 7 am. The conditions cleared by 8 am and the weather stabilized - proven by the fish brought to the scales.

The big winners were Bill Wilson and Dakota Brantmeyer! Their one big bite cashed $1,790 and took home big bass of the entire event at 5lbs 4.6oz (photo above) while also cashing out during the Hour 2 weigh-in. Bill and Dakota weren't the only luckily ones though, the hourly winners for the other 7 sessions are listed below.

StartFragmentHour 1 - 4lb-6.1oz - Zane Ringhand and Zach Ringhand Hour 2 - 5lb-4.6oz - Bill Wilson and Dakota Brantmeyer Hour 3 - 3lb-14.6oz - Ron Manthei and Scott Reents Hour 4 - 4lbs-3.8oz - Dennis Marcinek and Dan Martin Hour 5 - 4lbs-6.9oz - Tom Badour and Gary BaDour Hour 6 - 4lbs-5.7oz - Nick Smeyers and Jeff Murray Hour 7 - 5lbs-3.6oz - QD Olson and Zugie Hour 8 - 4lbs-4.7oz - Mark Smith and Mike GravesEndFragment

Additional pictures for the event can be found under the June MBBB tab as well as on the Facebook page located at:

Madtown Bass is hosting another fall Big Bass Bash Event on August 28th with a similar format. This tournament has a twist though; there will be separate hourly payouts for both largemouth and smallmouth. This means more payouts, more strategy, and more excitement. Details on the event can be found under the MBBB August tab or follow the link below:!august-mbbb/lgp5b

So give the Mendota Big Bass Bash Facebook page a like and put August 28th on your calendars. Madtown President Kevin Yeska believes, "This event has a chance to be even larger than the June event and will likely produce larger fish with fall around the corner. This will be one guys won't want to miss."

Madtown Bass Club would like to thank Don's Marine of Lodi for their efforts in providing a weigh-in and take off pontoon for the event. "Your help and support is greatly appreciated and we're excited to announce your business as the title sponsor for the August 28th Mendota Big Bass Bash!" - Kevin Yeska

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